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Well, it’s official. There’s been a buzz about it for a while, but now Microsoft is talking about Windows 7 showing some of the new technologies. Windows 7 will be based on the same kernel as Vista (which goes all the way back to Windows NT). So who knows if MS will get their reputation back. 

The technology creating the most buzz is their multi-touch screen tech where the user is able to manipulate things with more than one finger to zoom in and out of a photo for example and to freely rotate it. The demo also shows a 3D piano keyboard and a user touching it with one finger on either hand. At no point did he use more than that. It’s a cool technology, but it’s not something I find myself wanting in my day-to-day use of a computer. And I sure don’t want to be gunking up my expensive monitor with fingerprints. There was another demo of manipulating a bunch of photos. A huge thing I like about computers is that they tend to be neat and tidy. If I wanted my photos all jumbled up like the demo shows, I wouldn’t have moved them out of the shoe box. I did like the writing on the back though. I preserved that in my own picture project. The idea is that you are supposed to feel like you’re directly manipulating the object. But anyone who has ever played a realistic video game can tell you, it’s not the same thing. It’s like learning to use your fingers all over again.

I think the next big leap in computer technology will be a true, hands-on 3D interface with a tactile feel. We’re a long way away from that. 


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May 28, 2008 at 7:39 pm

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