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Battery Calibration

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Battery menuI ran across this new bit of maintenance for laptops at It is called battery calibration. I’ve always tried to keep good battery practices for keeping my battery healthy for a long life. These things ain’t cheap! The main thing you want to do for your battery is to keep its recharge cycles low. That means, you don’t want the battery to be charging all the time. One thing that Apple has done to help us in this regard is to not charge the battery until it gets below 95%. That means if you disconnect from the wall for a few minutes, the battery won’t charge. This maintains a balance between having a battery constantly ready for use when you need it and keeping it healthy. 

But these batteries are also smart. They have a chip in them that monitors the charge and calculates how much time or percentage of charge is available. Unfortunately, as batteries age, a given measurement will change the estimate of what is left in that charge for the worse. So to keep this measurement accurate, the battery needs to be calibrated by running it down completely about once per month. Here is a link to Apple’s web site which will show how to do it for your particular model. 

So take your laptop and a nice cool glass of lemonade out on the porch and surf for a spell one fine day this month and enjoy your maintenance. 


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June 6, 2008 at 3:14 pm

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