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Windows Server 2003 Install

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This past Saturday was spent installing Windows Server 2003 on my stand alone PC this weekend in hopes of making it a domain server primarily. I ran out of time before I could finish, but the thing that was holding me up was actually joining the domain that I had created. I set it up as a WINS server, DNS server and a domain controller. My AirPort Extreme Gigabit is my DHCP server (where your computer gets its IP or Internet address), but I may have to give that duty to the Windows server also. This may entail actually putting my server “out there” on the net rather than behind my router where it’s safe. If that’s the case, I may set it up a mail server as well.

MobileMeThis is all a learning experience and is way too much overkill for a home network set up. Apple announced MobileMe (Not a great name. I was glad to see Microsoft step away from the terms “My Documents” and “My Computer with Windows Vista. Now we have one more reason to be narcissistic.) to replace .mac last week at the World Wide Developer’s conference last week. MobileMe will give anybody push technologies much like Microsoft Exchange does in corporations. Push technologies give you instant updates to email, calendar and contact changes without the need to sync your devices. This is very, very cool, folks. This is mainly for the iPhone, and MobileMe web applications (so PC folks can get in on the action too. The demo looked awesome) but I wonder if it will come to their regular Mail, iCal and Address book software on our Macs without syncing as well. I’m guessing that we’ll need a new version of Mac OS X for that. Snow Leopard maybe? I’m excited about the possibilities.


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June 17, 2008 at 12:44 am

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