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Vista running in a virtual machine on LeopardI wrote earlier that I was working on getting my Vista BootCamp install to run virtually in Mac OS X under VMWare Fusion. Well, VMWare updated their software to version 1.1.3 which resolved the issue of having to re-authenticate Vista so I did and it works. Running under Fusion, you don’t get the cool Windows Aero effects that you get running in BootCamp (yes, even on a MacBook). The only added complication was installing VMWare Tools in Vista, but that was a piece of cake and all automatic.

However, the bad news is, if you plan to switch from running Vista under BootCamp to Fusion, you’ll need to reset the Windows Experience Index. This is found in the Control Panel under Performance Information and Tools. If you’re not running Control Panel in Classic Mode (as you should!) click on System and Maintenance to find Performance Information. As for me and my house, I’ll run XP under Fusion and boot into Vista when I have to.

One thing that I was hoping that Microsoft would finally fix after all these years was the way it shut down. On the Mac, I am used to the fact that when I shut down with all my applications still open, as each program closed, I would be presented the opportunity to save my work while the Finder waited patiently in the background. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve shut down a Windows machine expecting the same nice behavior. But no. When windows closes down, it starts quitting applications. When it runs into one that wants to save your work, you get the requisite “Do you want to save?” with the associated dialog. You go to click “OK” and before your finger hits the mouse button or the enter key, Windows pups up and says, “Do you want to close Excel” right over where the save dialog is still sitting. But it’s too late. Your finger is committed and you click OK and there goes your work. It all happens in about a second. But you can tell that the engineers who designed Vista paid attention to this process because it darkens the window in a cooler way than XP did. Big whoop! There is no change in behavior. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

Well, here’s my answer to that:

Vista minimized running in the background of Leopard

Get a Mac!


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June 28, 2008 at 6:49 am

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