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An iPhone Non-Weekend

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If you haven’t been following iPhone news this weekend, you don’t know that it’s been crazy. The first day it went on sale was an activation nightmare. AT&T’s insistence that the iPhone be activated in-store caused long delays and Apples activation systems were hit hard by the world-wide simultaneous (by that I mean 8 a.m. local time) rollout so their systems were down most of the day.

iPhone 3G Availability

iPhone 3G Availability

So I didn’t even try to get on on Friday. Saturday? I figured it wouldn’t be too bad if last year’s initial roll out was any indication. I got to my Southlake, Texas (a 30 mile drive) store by 3:00 and found out that they had sold out the previous hour. What made me a little angry about this was the fact that Apple wasn’t saying anything about stock levels over the web besides, “Check back tonight after 9:00 p.m. for tomorrow’s availability at this store,” which is more than a little vague.

Checking back after 9:00 only tells you what they will have in stock the next day (iPhone 3G 8GB and black or white 16GB). Not how much or anything. So, when I checked, I saw it was green across the board for my “local” store for Sunday.

So I decided to go take a chance since they didn’t open until noon. Arriving at 12:18, the line was a block long which seemed workable to me. Over an hour later on one of the hottest days of the year, an Apple rep went through the line and gave people vouchers for what they had inside. The guy two people in front of me got the last ticket and it was for a black 16 GB, my preference.

I’m glad the folks at the Apple Store had the decency to pass out water for those of us waiting in line. They also went to a lot of trouble to inventory the phones and match them to the customers in line so that the rest of us didn’t have to suffer needlessly.

So after two trips out there, I’m officially waiting until the hub-bub dies down. My RAZR still works. But it’s just not cool anymore! What was interesting was that the people waiting in line were seemingly normal folks. These weren’t fan boys or anything like. We’ve become tied to our phones in a big way, but until now, no one has gotten it right. I guess it shows how starved we have become for something that really works the way we want it to.


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July 13, 2008 at 11:53 pm

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