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System Recovery is SO Easy on the Mac

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I learned my lesson when I upgraded my hard drive in my MacBook last year. I had been doing Time Machine (built in to Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6) backups to an external hard drive, but I had elected not to back up my applications. So when I changed hard drives, after recovering, I still had some work ahead of me reinstalling applications I had lost. Well, not this time! Since then, I have been backing up everything with Time Machine except a couple of things that didn’t make sense like my Fusion virtual machines and podcasts which were temporary in nature.

So, yesterday afternoon, it was necessary for me to reformat my system drive. So I did this from the install disc (you have to choose Disk Utilities from the Tools menu of the Installer) and installed a fresh copy of Snow Leopard. When that booted up, it asked me if I was coming from another Mac and it gave me four options, one of them being a Time Machine backup on another volume (my connected external hard drive). I merely selected by backups and let it churn away. Since all of my programs were backed up as well, when it was done, I had a fresh new Mac exactly with everything intact and running just like it was the night before. Three easy steps and that was it while I watched a movie in the other room.

Try that with Windows 7! This would have easily taken a week or more as you reinstalled applications, searched for license codes and entered them in. Windows may be catching up to the Mac with user interface issues, but it is still built on an ancient foundation of mud and straw.


Written by walueg

November 19, 2009 at 12:19 pm

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