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New Facebook changes

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Well, Facebook has done it again. They changed something. That alone is usually enough to rile people up. They did switch the Profile and Home button positions. Profile is now just your picture and your name. Not too thrilled about that, but we will all get used to that.

But the thing that’s unnerving is that they now display “Top Stories” in your Home page. They decide what a top story is based on a contributor’s relationship to you, (I noticed that my brand new posting got top billing so “self” is a prime relationship according to them. So much for being first in the kingdom of heaven.) and how many people comment or like a particular posting.

I have real friends on Facebook. I care about them and I don’t want the service to decide how interested I should be in what they have to say. Facebook has time and again made changes where they assumed that they knew best on what I want to see or how private I want my information to be and it has always been the reverse of what I want and therefore it is always contrary to good sense. I kid! I kid!

Google+ and Twitter are looking better all the time.

It’s good to blog again. Stay tuned for more if you like.


Facebook included a new feature to help with what you may really want to see. It’s a subscribe button. The catch is, it’s on each of the pages of people you are friends with or fans of. So now you have to go to all of your friends to make individual changes. Before, if one of the pages you followed annoyed you, you could block that material as wanted which is far more useful. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!


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September 21, 2011 at 6:53 am

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